Two workouts

One location

Bod House.

This 45 minute interval driven class is the ultimate combination of conditioning & weight training for a tight, lean physique.

 The workout consists of short interval bursts, alternating from the treadmill to the floor. The most effective way to transform your BOD!

Ballet Body.

An energised 45 minute workout that focuses on toning & sculpting those hard to tone feminine areas. You’ll become addicted to how our workouts make you feel not only physically but you will walk out wanting more!

How to book in for a class?

Login to Mindbody to sign up for our classes, pricing, schedule.

What’s included in this Feb 28 day challenge?

  • Unlimited classes of your choice per week
  • Access to bbONLINE for all our recipes, meal plan + online workouts
  • Running program
  • Weekly check-in w. Mia via call or email
  • A super supportive, motivating environment you will LOVE

What classes do we run?

bb our SIGNATURE class

The perfect class to start with. Using hand weights, bands & sliders, this class focuses on fine tuning those feminine areas. We do NOT muck around!

Bunji + Abs

Designed around a step up box & a set of overhead resistance bands, this class will give you a total body blitz to up beat music. It feels like a nightclub in here. We start with 25 minutes of bunji & finish with 20 minutes of straight out abs. OUCH!

Run + Full Bod

This is the 45 minute express workout that is driven by results.  Alternating between fat burning interval cardio stints and strength training on the floor using weights, resistance bands and sliders. You won’t believe how much you sweat! 

Butt + abs

This class focuses on JUST the abs & butt for 45 minutes. You will leave BURNING!


Using moderate to heavier weights, this class is all about toning rather than cardio. It’s like an old school style pump class done to the beat of the music! You will love it!

Have any questions?

Do I need to have dance experience for a bb class?

99% of poeple at the studio have never danced a day in their life… besides the D Floor!

Do I need to be fit to come to a class?

Honestly, we have beginners in every single class so please don’t feel like you have to “get fitter” before coming to the studio. Juts do it, book in for a class, break the ice, you will LOVE the inviting atmosphere.

What do I need to bring?

All you need is a water bottle, towel & mat.

Do you offer multi-class passes?

We have different pricing options to suit your needs. 

Newbies unlimited 1 week pass, 10 class pass, 5 class pass, memberships, casual visits & a challenge pass. All available on the Mindbody App.

Do I need to turn up early?

We reccomend coming 5 minutes before a class. If it is your first class, come 10 minutes before & have a chat to the trainer before you begin. 

Can guys do Bod House?

Absolutely! You won’t believe how challenging it is until you try it!

The Studio

1/9 West Street, Wollongong

NSW, 2500